Directional Drilling

P.D.S. offers our customers  a  complete menu of directional drilling services:

  • Slant Drillingddpic2
  • Horizontal
  • Multi-lateral Horizontal
  • Straight hole control
  • Hole Straightening
  • Cased and Open Hole Sidetracks
  • Slim- hole Re-entry
  • Multi-Well Pad Drilling Projects
  • Over & Under –Balanced Horizontal Drilling
  • Extended Reach Wells
  • Coal Bed Methane
  • Air Drilling

Our dedication to drilling Performance and service in conjunction with more the fifty years of combined experience in applications ranging from 4¾ to 17½ inches allows for a uniquely qualified approach to any drilling environment and application.

The stringent policies of PDS with relation to the quality of tools offered, only allows the highest, cutting edge standards for motors, MWD / Gamma systems.

Inspection with the highest level of quality control is standard operating policy with PDS

PDS only utilizes equipment supplied by those manufacturer who exhibit research and development of tooling that exceeds industry standards.

Our goal is to supply the best equipment available to the trade in order to guarantee superior, performance driven value to the customer.

Our directional drilling control is optimized through proper planning, real time communication, responsible and experienced personnel and home office support throughout the drilling process.

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